Evie’s “Elizabeth”

As winter is approaching for many in the Northern Hemisphere (and it’s already arrived where I’m at), a lovely thing to seek in a shop is a pretty gown (or several gowns) for the Holidays. Also nice is the ability to find styles that match the season, ones that will keep you fashionably warm through your ventures through SL’s Wintry scenes.

Elizabeth by Evie's Closet 4

Elizabeth is the newest adult sized release from Evie’s Closet, followed by a child sized version of her ever popular Muse gowns. It’s been a while since I blogged about Evie’s creations so it pleases me immensely that this new release was such wonderful material to work with.

Elizabeth by Evie's Closet 2

The Elizabethan styling is gorgeous, the textures flawless and the primwork stunning. Elizabeth gowns can be worn either with or without the Bolero with it’s lovely high collar, meaning you get two equally pretty looks for the price of one. With it’s antique gold trim, and it’s velvet and satin feel, it’s sure to please even the most picky of gown buyers.

Elizabeth by Evie's Closet 3

So, if you like what you see here, and all colors are shown, stop by Evie’s Closet and pick up a copy!

Elizabeth by Evie's Closet

Hair: Truth

Skin: Soul Skins


~ by Arwen on November 23, 2009.

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