An Air of LAQ

LAQ and Air 1

Hello there readers!

I’d like to show you some lingerie I picked up at LAQ, it’s pictured here. It’s really lovely, as you can see, from the nice texture work. I especially adore the stockings, they’re so cute!

This look is comprised of two lingerie sets, actually, and the good news is both are really affordable. One set is simply called “White Lingerie“, very straightforward and to the point in it’s nomenclature, and, the other is “Garter Set – White”, likewise a self explanatory name.

LAQ and Air 2

Included with the “White Lingerie” is bra and thong, with the bra on both undershirt and shirt layers, and the thong on both underpants and pant layers. The “Garter Set” includes two pairs of socks, pant layer, undershirt layer, and top layer. Both sets, as you can see, fit together seamlessly into one lovely set.

Also worn from LAQ is the ‘Camellia” hair style in Mahogany, it’s a cheapie so why not stop by LAQ and grab it? And the sunglasses, are a freebie (can you believe it?!) from Air, which is scripted so that you can change the lens color.

Lingerie and hair: LAQ
Sunglasses: Air
Skin: Belleza
Eyes: Wasabi Pills


~ by Arwen on December 19, 2009.

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