2 looks in 1

Glimmer is the latest creation from Kouse’s Sanctum. It’s a very simple gown with an empire skirt, and a touch of glimmer above the waist and at the bottom of the skirt that makes it elegant and perfect for the seasonal festivities… Notice the sweet skin? It happens to be the latest group gift from Curio, my favorite skin shop ever (join Gala and Rita Designs Announcements and check notices before it’s gone)

Glimmer in Amethyst, Kouse’s Sanctum

But there’s also a shorter skirt option, that I chose to match with snow boots from Duh for a more modern and casual look. What I love about these boots is that not only they are looking lovely pretty much with anything, but also they are super cheap (only 25l$ a pair, 50l$ for a fatpack of 5 colors, 20 colors total)

Rosie is also wearing hair from 69, and it’s the latest group gift for paid group members. There’s a 300l$ fee, but just this hair makes it already worth the spending… it comes in an all-color fatpack, and has muff, hat and nose options…

look below for more pictures


~ by Rose on December 20, 2009.

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