Inventory Fishing

LVS&Co M and R Hunt Gown

I’m sure you know what it’s like. You shop, do hunts, pick up freebies, and otherwise overload your inventory, and forget what all you have. This morning I was looking for something completely unrelated and rediscovered items from the Magic and Romance hunt from a while back that I hadn’t got around to blogging.

LVS&Co M and R Hunt Gown1

This red gown is from LVS&Co. I like the bodice on this one, it’s really cute. And the bows give a lovely feminine touch to this gown. It definitely fits with ease into the ‘Romance’ category of the gowns section of any inventory.

Mystic Sky's Samantha

This purple gown is Samantha from Mystic Sky. I understand that it was a limited color, only to be available for the duration of the hunt. The wand is the prize from Elvenbreath. The jewelry worn with the Samantha gown is from Ms.O.Lei-ny, and also a hunt prize (except the circlet).

Mystic Sky's Samantha1

Skin by League

Hair by Truth (bow available separately as a freebie)

Eyes by Rosie’s Thingies

~ by Arwen on March 30, 2010.

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