Simone Silver Fox1

Yes, I’m well aware that there is a -lot- of new content I should be blogging. But, as I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been digging through my inventory and being periodically nostalgic, reflective, and kicking myself in the derriere for so much time that’s gone by and so many things not shared or done justice in posts.

So, let’s have a post for two special gowns from Simone! before I start sifting through the folders of other designer’s work.

Simone Silver Fox2

Simone Stern has been on the Grid a very, very long time. With a longevity most can only dream of, her work even in it’s primitive stages was wearable art. While it may be a bit *out there* to some, her chic styles and gorgeous textures are timeless and will continue to be worn with pride all over the Grid as long as the Grid doth last, in my opinion.

Silver Fox is the name of this sleek and sexy red dress. If I had to make a guess I would say the name stemmed from the fur boa included with the gown, that adds a glamorous touch to an already stunning ensemble. I really love the gloves. My only peeve with this gown is that there’s no mod perms on the prim pieces. Aside from that, I’m in love. I acquired this gown in early 2008, according to the properties information on it’s pieces. And even now, with how far design has come on the Grid, it’s still a gown that would find it’s way on top of just about any competition.

Simone Megadilly Mint

This is Megadilly. It’s a dreamy creation in mint with extraordinary texturing on the system layers of clothing. I must note that the name ‘Megadilly’ has never before or since been seen by me except on this gown, so let’s add some points for originality! I think the ribbon and bow details on the bodice are a really sweet touch, and the lace edging is just perfect. I mean to go back to Simone! sometime soon and see if I can find this little number in more colors however, green isn’t my favorite.

Simone Megadilly Mint2

Also, all jewelry used in this post is from Avilion Mist. I have used the ‘Inspiration’ necklace and earrings, and the ‘Awen’ bracelet. All of which was worn in the silver version. The skin is from LAQ, and hair from These should all be very familiar places by now, if you haven’t looked around them, check them out!

~ by Arwen on March 31, 2010.

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