Evie's Closet Tatjana Silks1

There’s a lot that’s eye catching about this design by Evangeline Miles of Evie’s Closet. From the rich colors, to the intricate detailing on both textures and prim, it’s a fascinating thing to just mix and match all the pieces, whilst drooling over how simply gorgeous is all is.

Evie's Closet Tatjana Silks2

While I chose gold trim, all colors of these silks are available in a silver trim option. In the image directly above you can see the detail of the prim work in the belt of each skirt. I bet she must’ve been cross eyed while making it. The end result is pure perfection. I am completely adoring how the green melts into blue in a lot of the textures on this particular version. My eyes also can’t help but to notice that the pattern created via primwork is meticulously echoed on the textures of the prim arms, and skirt, as well as on the “embroidered” version of the top.

Evie's Closet Tatjana Silks3

With the tops coming on both shirt and undershirt layers, and the bottoms on underwear and pants layers, there’s versatility in the system layers as well as the prim parts. Unless my double count was wrong, there’s 27 pieces total. That makes for virtually endless combinations for your specific tastes in silk wearing to be met.

Outfit: Tatjana Silks in Green/Gold from Evie’s Closet

Skin: LAQ

Hair: fri.day

~ by Arwen on March 31, 2010.

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