Natasha and the Treasure Chest

The latest release by Kouse’s Sanctum is a dream…
Natasha is an elegant and yet so feminine gown. The prim work is as per usual amazing, the layers of the skirt move so perfectly and so softly .. it’s simply amazing.
The gown comes in both dark and pastel colors, so don’t tell me you cannot find the one you’re looking for ! ^-^.
And you’ll note the little jewel that adds a nice and delicate touch of “precious” to the dress.

And if this is not enough to convince you to head to Kouse’s store… well the treasure chest is still out there.
Another proof of Kouse’s generosity, this lucky dip contains no booby prize.

You can dip special pieces of jewelry, only available in the chest, or gift cards (such as “One free gown” yay I got one !) or precious stones, which.. once you’ve gathered them all will grant you for a gift card too !
You want one last good news ?… Well those are transfer so why not spoil your friends as well ?!

~ by Mae on April 8, 2010.

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