Fantasy Faire – Close look to Wings Wands Wonders sim

Welcome to Wings Wands Wonders sim !!
Generously sponsored by The Arcanum store, this sim will reveal itself full of surprises and more than everything … of Magic ! I’ll lead you through a tour of the sim and show you.. for each of the designers the RFL item that caught my heart.
Oh yeah.. magic.. Zachh Barkley knows how to play with it. I got lucky enough to discover his “Wishmaster” and I think i can just say I got amazed by his imagination at least as much as i got stunned by the beauty of it! Plus it made me laugh !
Then I stopped in an Epic store ^-^
The very least we can say is … Jade Winthorpe and Nyxi Pexie are crafting exquisite fantasy stuff… Just like this mushroom house which is one of their RFL item.

In the next store I did visit, imagine my surprise as I got welcomed by… fairies ?!? Yeah lots of them !
Well I had arrived at 7 selection!
And what would be a “Wing” sim without any wings ? And Jen Shikami’s Oleander ones are truely a lovely piece of work, and beside the fact that you’ll be giving money to charity while you get them.. you will also show your support to RFL as those wings proudly wear the RFL ribbon !

But no treasure could be seen without good eyes… and that’s exactly what you’ll find at Ibanez Eyes!
Annie Ibanez creates extremely well detailled eyes (for an even greater price) just like the sets she has put in her RFL vendors.

I often hear and say caregivers are like Angels… so what should we say about designers who give time and dedicate their work for such a great cause?
Aren’t they angels too ?
That’s what I had been thinking about as i walked to **Angelwing** .. Angel6 Susanti has picked for you and for the charity two lovely outfits. But I have to admit the Red maiden gown really caught my eye.

At Whimsical Wonders, I just almost lost my mind. Everything is absolutely fairy-fantasy-tastic. That’s also why you get to love Fantasy Faire, you always discover new talented designers, like Richie Sautereau!

Next stop ? Maybe the Tailor ? Maybe Lewellen’s Fine Tailoring!
If you are Harry Potter lover, Lily Lewellen’s store is a must-see ! Plus you can get the RFL item in the right style !

Are you wishing for something more shiny, more precious ? Then Frippery is for you.
It is rare to see such delicate jewels in SL, and each new release is simply breathtaking. Elizabeth Tinsley really has the eye for it !

At Chaospire… I got head over heels for the wings… but not just any pair of wings.
I have no idea where Devyn Grimm got the idea for the Sigil wings, but I am glad it happened ! And knowing they’re for RFL, that’s twice the amount of reason needed to buy them !

Looking for cute garden stuff ? Aiko Swashbuckler of Foxworth Creations creates adorable ones, like the Relaxing Arbor, a flower bench for your SL garden!

This year’s Material Squirrel RFL item are like just out of a dream.
Kala Bijoux has found a way to mix a bit of an etheral dream, with grace and beauty. Lovely !

Still beautiful but more on a cute side, Napolde Vella of Fairy Pearl Designs offers us this year a complete set of colored wings in the RFL vendor !
Plus, if you’re being attentive, the dwarves will give you gifts !

Boaz Sands is simply … Simply Fae … and her store is simply … simply amazing.
She not only offers fashion items for all kind of creatures, but she does it amazingly well. Elegance and great taste are major adjectives to define her creations, just like the two RFL items !

And as if we hadn’t have enough cuteness (can we enough actually?) Tomoto adds some more !
I couldn’t help but to fell in love with Tomo Wachter’s RFL creations and i hope you’ll share my opinion !

Silver Dragon’s Creation offers a large panel of choice for your decoration needs and as RFL item, Myndiana Xue has placed a water dreams, something for all the mermaids out there !

Not tired yet ?? I hope for we have two stores to visit still !!
First Faentasies by Llyra Constantine… a real fae heaven !

And finally Empire of Fayandria by Raven Naopolitana


Well.. that’s all for now.. i hope you’ve enjoyed the tour and that you’ll be visiting the Faire soon if not yet !
Next post, I shall give you a closer look to some RFL items of the Faire !

Enjoy and have a lovely Faire !

~ by Mae on April 20, 2010.

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