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the RFL Fantasy Faire.I have the honor of having been chosen to be one of the official bloggers for that event, and I would first like to thank all the talented designers for their amazing work and generosity. So, I’ve put on my low lag shopping and fair outfit, and I went wandering on the sim my wings were bound to lead me too: Wings, Wands and Wonders… I won’t bother you with pictures of the sim (gorgeous btw) because Mae just showed you. I am just going to show you the items I got. (Huge thank you to Napolde Vella, Jen Shinkami, Aiko Swashbuckler and Myndiana Xue). So, let’s start!

These 2 gorgeous pairs of wings are the RFL donation item from 7Selection, they flutter and all, I’m a fan!

Other wings from 7Selection, my inner and outer fae are super happy right now!

Ooooh! More wings, these are made by my all time favorite wings designer, Napolde Vella of Fairy Pearls. They come in 5 rich colors and 3 sizes for each!

Don’t you love fae furniture? Well for my part I do!

Fae resting place from Silver Creations. My friend and I chatted there for quite a while…

Crooked Fae Pine trees, Relaxing Arbor and Off Sim Fae Moon from Foxworth Creations

Fae Swing from Silver Creations, outfit from Fairy Pearls…

~ by Rose on April 21, 2010.

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