Some RFL items…

I have promised you a closer look to some designers donations items, so here it is !
But first, I want to thank every designers for letting me review their work, thank them for their generosity, thank them for making this event each year even greater and thank you reader, visitor for taking a look in it and why not… contribute to the RFL effort !
Thank you so much !!!!


The free Mer tail and outfit by Pye was an excellent find, which I found pretty well completed by Tekeli-li RFL gifts : Piscene jewels, Nixie hair and the tiny faeryfish pet. Here starts your mermaid’s dreams… under a Foxworth‘s Off Sim Fae Moon.

Caverna Obscura will once more amaze you with her delicate and so detailled designs, like the Dream Thief Dark outfit which happened to match some of 7 Selection‘s wings like the Oleander Wings, so cute with their RFL ribbon and the Kimono Bat wings (non-RFL)

And to stay in touch with your inner fae
I’ll strongly advice to get the Ambrosia gown still by Caverna Obscura (RFL item) or the Serenity and Peace wings, elegantly crafted by Material Squirrel (RFL items) …. those wings are really incredible !

And what does rythm with cuteness?
Well Angelwing designs probably !The Isolde (right) gown got me stunned by its simplicity and yet … so beautiful. And it includes the accessories ! For a more mischievious and gothic look, the must have are certainly Blue Blood RFL items; Felicia and Carly dresses.

But faes… beware of the Drows ^-^
They can hide, even behind Wings Songs‘s wings.. so you better be carefull!


~ by Mae on April 22, 2010.

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