And some more !

Yes !! I’m not done yet with all the amazing designers from the Faire !!!
And once more… thank you for the priviledge of being a writer of this wonderful event !
Don’t forget to check the official Fantasy Faire blog
So yes we were mentionning Drows no ? Well with the avie from Curious Kitties and the Anariel outfit from Caverna Obscura.. you’ll get the perfect look !
But you can also get a perfect human look !
With Angelwing Sunset Dreams dress… you’ll be able to make .. men dream !
And if the outfit isn’t enough…
You may captivate them with a deep magic look in your eyes …. by Ibanez of course.

Another store I did love to visit was Animations Rising and more specially the Rising Silks (RFL item)
Those were just amazingly … magic. I have no better way to describe how delicate and lovely it looks.

But if you want to stop for a moment, why not enjoy the swing by Silver Dragon Creations ?
So you can take time to enjoy your dress by fumi or the armor by Rfyre. You really get to love Rfyre for every outfit offers you a large panel of style possibilities.

And let’s end our tour with Silent Sparrow and Evie’s Closet
The two donation dresses by Silent Sparrow are just absolutely cute, and to achieve your mischievious look, don’t forget to get your munch on faery from Evie !

And I couldn’t resist but to show you the total look by Curious Kitties.
With the drow avatar, the Dark Elf Flora dress and the Enchanted wings (all RFL items) and also SpellBound Dollie Red dress !

Thanks you so much designers !

And thank you everybody taking part in this great event.


~ by Mae on April 24, 2010.

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  1. thnx for the nice reviews! ^^

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