Skin battle!

Beautiful skins in SL are not that common, but this week we’ve been blessed with two new series by two designers I simply adore, Aryanna DeCuir from Geisha Dreams and Tuli Asturias from Tuli. Both have been working hard and I want to show you how pretty the results look. Yael (the blond one) is wearing Jade and Rose is wearing Ichimaru.

Jade is a remake of Hope mixed with the body from Bella, and I think the result turned out even better than what one could have expected from such a mix. I love: the detailed nose, the eyebrows choice (I’m showing the light ones but there are 3 other possibilities) and the sweet look it gives. What’s missing: a hair base option.

Ichimaru has a bit of Keiko’s soul in it, and it comes in lots of different tones and make ups differ from one tone to the other. I love: the hair base option, the gorgeous lips, and the boobs (you’ll just have to trust me on that, I’m not showing you!). What’s missing: a little glow on the face.

Hair: Magika (on Yael) and Maitreya (on Rose), eyes from Rosie’s Thingies (bad bad self advertising!!)

Look below for more Jade and Ichimaru:


~ by Rose on May 28, 2010.

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