Oh if only…

If only this set was something I could stuff into my real life wardrobe. Meet Irridae, ladies. Not only is it a feast for the eyes with it’s carefully made textures and painstaking primwork, but it’s also got beautiful movement and even includes the matching jewelry! And that’s not where the included pieces end…

Kouse's Sanctum Irridae 1

Each set of ‘Irridae’ also includes a cute knee length skirt, and short skirt, that makes for massive versatility. Dress it up, dress it down, Medieval, modern, whatever your setting, Irridae could probably fit.

Kouse's Sanctum Irridae 2

I’m only showing three colors here, the Ruby, Campino (Yum!) and Snow varieties, but there’s way more available at Kouse’s Sanctum, so go and take a look! Also be sure to take advantage of the ‘Raid the Treasury’ game at the front of the store, it’s a great way to expand your jewelry collection, and you never know, you may win a gift card!

Kouse's Sanctum Irridae 3

Also, it should be noted that the sweet little crown included with each ‘Irridae’ set comes in two versions, crooked, and straight. The lace trim on the bodice is also included for that extra touch of detail. The set works very easily both with and without the included sculpted prim sleeves.

As some added points, the skin used in this post is the new ‘Taylor’ from League. Shoes are the Sydney Stilettos in black from SLink, and hair is the ‘Darling’ style in Chestnut from Magika. The eyes are from Celestial Studios, the Mirror Purple eyes.

Kouse's Sanctum Irridae 4

That’s about it for now darlings, adieu!

Kouse's Sanctum Irridae 5

Outfits: Irridae from Kouse’s Sanctum

Skin: Taylor Sunkissed from League

Hair: Darling in Chestnut from Magika

Eyes: Mirror Purple from Celestial Studios


~ by Arwen on May 30, 2010.

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