L’Affair Du Collier

Kouse's Sanctum Grand Duchess1

Love of a necklace…well alright, it’s a choker, but it’s part of a new set called Camilla out now at Kouse’s Sanctum. The gown set, Grand Duchess, is also from Kouse’s. With jewel tones, elegant embroidery and a style that’s a cross between the court dress of the royals of Imperial Russia, and Medieval regal garb, it’s perfect for role-playing, or for any other occasion that comes your way where you want to dress up and be noticed.

Kouse's Sanctum Grand Duchess2

The Grand Duchess gowns are available in eleven vibrant, but not overpowering tones. The Camilla jewelry is available in either gold or silver, and come with earrings, the choker shown here, and two other versions of necklace, while proudly boasting an under appreciated art form – the cameo.

Kouse's Sanctum Grand Duchess 3

Also note that the skin is by Dutch Touch, hair by Tiny Bird, and eyes by Rosie’s Thingies.

~ by Arwen on August 13, 2010.

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