Love crime

Waiting, she was waiting. Her lover should arrive any minute now and she was shaking with fear. Tonight was the night, she would tell him how much she loved him, and tell him that she would marry him. She couldn’t wait for him to get here…

There he was, telling her it had been nice and fun being with her, but he was going to marry another one and had to leave now, never to return again. When she told him it couldn’t be, that she loved him more than he could ever imagine and couldn’t live without him, he laughed: “You really thought I could love YOU? You were fun to play with but, let’s be honest, I’m of royal blood and you’re merely a tavern wench!”

She felt anger choking her, tears running down her cheeks and without even thinking, she grabbed the dagger from under her bed : “I was a respectable girl before I met you, and you tricked me into giving you the most precious thing a woman has to give”. He looked blank, barely realising what was happening to him when she stabbed him once, twice, three times in the chest, aiming and reaching for the heart.

Blood, blood everywhere. He looked at her, understanding he was dying a second before it happened. In her eyes was only hatred now. She was lost to love and to every man, forever.

She dropped the dagger at her feet. Methodically, she wiped the blood from her skin. There was nothing that could be done for the splatters on her dress. She grabbed his pouch, finding it heavy with golden coins and thinking it would never be enough for what he had taken from her, but since he’d treated her like a whore, she might as well act like one now. With one last look at the dead body, she left the room, whispering “I love you”

Credits: Halloween Fable gown from Evie’s Closet, Hair by Truth Hawks (free in your inventory), Skin from Curio, tattoo make up from IrEn.

~ by Rose on October 11, 2010.

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