A Little Infiltrating…

Axiom Skins Three

Can the undead cry? Apparently they do. There’s a new skin and hair store on the Grid, and with all the store closings that’ve been happening, its refreshing to see an opening! Yay!

Axiom is the name of the place, and not only is the sim beautiful, but the merchandise for sale is pretty spiffy, too. Since it’s opening weekend, if you’re quick, you can head there and pick up not only a free, limited edition skin, but a special hair style, as well.

Axiom Skins Two

The skin that I’m wearing in these images is from the first skin line from Axiom. Charis, in the Undead tone, with the “Mascara Tears” makeup. Looking at the rest of the line, there’s a lot of interesting things that you don’t usually see on skins that are incorporated into the skins themselves cleverly. Not just tears, but even beautiful, highly detailed masks. I’m also really liking the lighter eyebrows on these skins. While there -is- a Drow tone, I think the Undead tone can work well on a Drow avatar, as well, hence my look today.

Axiom Skins One

Now, of course, we must discuss the outfit. The clothing is the Infiltrator set in Black from Avilion Mist. It’s been around for a while now, but is still an easy favourite, with its highly detailed textures and prims. And the cute boots? Pursay from -Perse- in Black/Grey. The hair I’ve used is Chantelle from Truth, in one of the bonus tones that was included this week, Pearl.

And the gorgeous sword? You can find that as Steel Souls, crafted by Altarius Flanagan. The unbelievable part? It’s -free-. And Spell Fire compatible.

SLURLS after the cut!

Skin: Axiom

Outfit: Avilion Mist

Sword: Steel Souls

Boots: Perse

Hair: Truth

Eyes: Celestial Studios


~ by Arwen on November 7, 2010.

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