Caverna Obscura - Nocturne 1

If you’re looking for a dress that blends a strong sense of uniqueness, sweetness, the modern with the old fashioned, spiced with a little flirtation – I direct you to this outfit. Nocturne from Caverna Obscura is all of these things. This color, called Moonstone, is an adorable blend of purples and blues. If you happen to role play a fae, you’ll be happy to discover that the outfit also includes a pair of matching wings.

Caverna Obscura Nocturne 2

Be warned the back dips -very- low! There are also prim butterflies included that you can add to the outfit for that little extra bit of eye catching detail. This cute outfit is also available in a pretty green shade. Head over to Caverna Obscura to find it. Credits after the cut!

Dress: Nocturne in Moonstone by Caverna Obscura

Skin: Taylor – Sunkiss Burgundy by League

Hair: Zoe in Blizzard (Modified) by Exile

Eyes: Stained Contacts – Anime Violet by Nomine

Necklace: Themis by Kouse’s Sanctum

Poses: From the Faery Goodness Pose Set by Long Awkward Pose [LAP]

~ by Arwen on November 16, 2010.

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