For those of you who’ve been reading this blog for a while, the fact that I adore Mister Morrigan Denimore’s creations won’t come as fresh news… but I keep falling in love again and again with his style, classic yet with a touch of folly, elegant, sober and yet so cute and original… The first outfit I’m showing you just came out today, and I must admit, the talented designer of The Black Canary has managed to amaze me once more. Just take a look at the details of the lace on the top part, the fur, just enough to keep me warm without looking like a bear *giggles*, the pockets… and when you see the price, only 300l$ for such a pretty coat, it’ a steal…


So… you’re still here? Need more convincing? Allright. Sovereign Rose was the latest design from The Black Canary so far. It comes with the crown, the staff, and the adorable thighs I’ve borrowed for the previous outfit. When worn without the train, it has a much more unisex look to it. Let’s just drool over it… no wait. You should be heading to the main store to grab it! Here’s your limo


~ by Rose on November 24, 2010.

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