EC - Coppelia - Sea Note

Evangeline Miles has done it again! I don’t usually post about the same shop twice in a row, but I’ll make an exception here, for the breathtaking Coppelia gown. Originally designed for the Miss Virtual World competition, it’s now available to the public in six amazing colors. The one shown here, is Sea Note.

EC - Coppelia - Sea Note2

The gown has options for wear, including two lengths of skirt, and a plain, or more fancy style of bodice (the difference is in the bust area). I’ve worn the shorter skirt, and the regular bodice, because I love the swirly details.

EC - Coppelia - Sea Note3

I’ve used hair from W&Y, League’s Taylor skin, a rose from Illusions, and the Margaret jewelry set from Kouse’s Sanctum, to complete the look. The eyes are the Janszoon eyes in Water from Banana Banshee.

You can find the Coppelia gowns here.


~ by Arwen on February 17, 2011.

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