The other days I was chatting with a friend when they teleported me to a shop called League to show me a cute little dress that they liked. I thought the dress was pretty indeed but what really caught my eyes was that gorgeous Steampunk outfit right next to it.


It is called Asuka, and comes in a lot of options: 2 pants, 2 tops, 1 skirt, 2 different collars, 2 different kinds of gloves, a bolero shrug and corset base with or without tail, so you can mix and match a bazillion different looks.The Asuka Steam outfit is classy, elegant, and well made.


I chose to match it with boots from Sentou Yousei (Battle Fairy), the Steel Toe Granny boots. This particular design used to be a lucky chair gift and is discontinued as fas as I can tell, BUT if you take a look at the discount section of the shop, the plain Fawn, Mocha and Coal versions are sold for 20l$ each only.



My ever so pretty skin is one Curio‘s latest faces, Pout (read more about it here), the Sad Elf ears are from Panda Express. Hair is my new favorite from fri.day (Amelia). Eyes, eyeliner and freckles are from (shameless self-advertising alert!) Banana Banshee.



Oh and if you go to Sentou Yousei today, take a look around the sim, there’s a cart sale all around with lots of items for 10l$ or less. Sale ends on the 9th.

~ by Rose on March 9, 2011.

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