Fashion For Life: Closer look on..

After the general post, I did just before I decided I wanted to give you a closer look on some of my favourite designers and their outfits so … here it is and don’t forget to check after the jump for more piccies !
Evie’s Closet – Arbus Sim Sponsor
FFL Evie's 1
Amarie’s Bower FFL edition is just to fall in love with. I’ve matched it with Magika Pacific Crisis Fundraiser hair and of course, Evie’s Closet Secret Garden Wreath (also a FFL item)
Evie's Wreath
Here’s a closer look.
FFL Evie's 3FFL Evie's 4
Here are the two other items from Evie’s (Coppelia and Mili gowns), click to enlarge the pictures

Kouse’s Sanctum
Michelle gown is just wow. I love Kouse’s work for long and her personnality reflects in her designs in my opinion. Always delicate, always soft prim works, always deep and rich textures.
She’s a princess and a dreamer at heart so are her creations!
FFL kouse
The little piece of jewelry hanging on the bust part is included in the outfit, the necklace and the crown come in a separate set, FFL item as well.
FFL Kouse Artemis
Artemis… how to describe it. Love at first sight I think. I ran as fast my tp button would work to get a copy of it (in sweet grass of course.. I love natural colors!) so you guess I loved the FFL edition as well !
FFL Kouse JocelynKouse's Artemis FFL
Here is the other item (Jocelyn gown) and a closer look on Artemis back. Click to enlarge.

I have a thing for mime.. they’ve always captivated me so i love mime’s costumes. And Fierce made a great one.
Fierce 4
Fierce is a specialist for costumes of all kind, and Mime and the White Rabbit are the FFL donation items
Fierce Rabbit
Sexy isn’t it ?
Fierce 2Fierce 3
Click to enlarge pictures of those other items.

That’s all for now!! And don’t forget to check Fashion For Life as long as it lasts !

~ by Mae on March 19, 2011.

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