If you don’t know Deviance by now.. then you should ! ^-^
So.. here is your chance. First step… visit the official blog here.
Second one, visit the store here.
Last one.. check the pictures here and after the jump !

Deviance 1

Arcane Dancer Silks

First is the latest groupgift, Arcane Dancer Silks.. gorgeous and sensual, but be careful the outfit is all prim. So you might need little adjustments on your own shape, or you can still decide to wear it with the shape generously sent with the gift.
Now let’s check older but still stunning releases !

Deviance 6

Elementalist Outfit

Deviance 5

Sorceress Costume

Deviance 4

Pirate's Mate in Teal

Deviance 3

Enchantress Outfit

Deviance 2

Demon's Mistress

Part of all those pretties can be gotten in the Lucky Chair or the Apple Bobbing, and if they’re not gentle with you, you can still buy them as the price is most reasonnable!

~ by Mae on April 30, 2011.

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