A pinch of Red Mint

To spice up your SL.
(r)M 6
To add cuteness to it.
(r)M 5
To make your dreams come true
(r)M 7
I just wanted to share my precious with you.. so enjoy ! And jump after the break for all details and limo !
(r)M 8I’m showing you samples of last releases by Red Mint which I just fell in love with (specially the ears… wooot)

(r)M skin Tan 2

(r)M Skin Tan no9 (5)

(r)M skin Drow 3

(r)M Skin Drow 3 + (r)M Ears no4

(r)M skin BBdoll 1

(r)M Skin BBdoll 1 + (r)M Ears no2

So … you have seen Red Mint Hair n°8 in Pale and Amber Gold, and you might want to know the side swept bang is add-on part. Loved the details in the hair, with the chain and front jewel. The skins are from skin line n°9 in Drow, Bbdoll and Tan tones.

And the ears… wooohiieee.. those blue ones with flowers are no4.

And those one are no2.

So.. you’re in love too ?

Red Mint stuff
Outfit: Ariel in White by Evie’s Closet
Hair shown with skins close up ==> D!va

Poses in pic 2 and 3 are from Studio Sidhe and 109prims which i strongly recommend you to visit!

~ by Mae on May 20, 2011.

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