The Princess Shoppe’s Flash Sale

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Flash Sale 2013

The Princess Shoppe is having a rare Flash Sale. Every regular release and special edition gown, except those cheapies on tables and in corners, are marked down to 75L. The sale will last until Saturday, February 2nd.

This is a great opportunity to explore a small brand and perhaps discover something you’ll love – and get it at a great deal.

Fit for a Princess

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The Princess Shoppe has a few 50L goodies available, currently! These special editions of the Princess Keira gown are glam, with silver trim and bright, lively colors. These gowns have nice depth and detail that can only really be appreciated in world.

Each of the three gowns also includes the matching jewelry (necklace and earrings). It really is a great deal. The hair I’m wearing is from Truth. The skin is from Curio (not currently available) and the eyes are by Banana Banshee. My poses are from LAP (no longer available).

You can find all three dresses here.

Kasia for Zodiac

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Hello! For those of you who follow this blog on a regular basis and who must have been wondering what these two pictures were doing here on their own, well yes, I WAS procrastinating. My bad. Sorry.

Anyway, I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned Zodiac before, it is a monthly event based on the astrological signs. Obviously this month’s theme (starts on the 23rd) is Virgo. For the occasion, Evie Miles has come up with a gorgeous mesh outfit inspired by the sign. I chose to match it with very earthly, rootsy hair and accessories, because not only it is an earth sign, but also I have a lot of Virgo friends that I love, and I feel they’re the people who ground me.



Credits :

A little bit of Vintage…

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Hello everyone! Have you noticed how I always am late on stuff? Well it’s a ruse. I waited until C88 opened and everyone went there to go to Vintage Fair, and it was nice and quiet… I found a few cute things that I’ll show you over the next few days, starting with the gorgeous gowns by Kouse Singh : Nena.

Nena comes with a very pretty flower tiara. I matched it with Exile’s hair Break Away, still available in store, and for which all profits go to One Voice, the fundraiser for Gala Phoenix.

The stunning eyes are Lano Ling’s latest creation, the Nightfall series, released a few days ago at Men’s Dept (but totally unisex if you ask me). I’m always amazed at how lively his designs are.



ImageCredits :

More Vintage Fair here


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Hello everyone. While everyone is enjoying Vintage Fair, I’m enjoying my holidays, and it’s nice too… But I took a little break from painting my toenails and laying in the sun to log on when I received the note from Evie Miles this morning about her brand new creation. Sorcha is one of those dresses can can be used for many sorts of roleplay, be it medieval or more greek oriented.

It comes with Evie’s first mesh top (in Standard Sizing, but still, as usual, make sure to try a demo), the matching alpha layer (just in case you have a tit poking out, like I usually do… note that’s it’s not both, just one, go figure), system pants, a skirt, sleeve cuffs with optional sleeves (both options are shown in the pictures below) and a matching circlet. Needless to say, being an Evie design, it’s flawless and beautiful… and for a very reasonable price, since each of these little wonders is sold only 395l$ each.


ImageCredits :

Summer gatcha, Fri.Day, and E’s

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Hello everyone!! How’s your weekend going? Great I hope! Although my vacations are only starting in a month, I’m already in beach mode with colourful newness from some of my favorite stores. I hope you enjoy! 


Credits (top to bottom) : 

Contains mesh

* Curio is currently closed, hopefully for a short time, read more about it here, and please participate in the fundraiser starting tomorrow to help Gala with the lawyer fees.

Dresses of glee – Jane new release

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Hello readers! I hope you’re having a wonderful sunday! I apologise for this way overdue post about Jane’s latest prettiness. Four new dresses, each in three different colors. As usual, a flawless mesh (in standard sizing) and adorable colors make this Jane release yet another must have in you inventory.





Credits :

  • Blake dress, cherry / Leena dress, blues / Rachel dress, truffle / Shasta dress, melon, Jane
  • Hair : Shine, brown 08, Elikatira
  • Skin : Sprout, pure, Curio
  • Eyes : Spring, olive, Banana Banshee (mesh)
  • Ears, mesh feet and mesh sandals : Slink
  • Poses : Marukin

(links to come later)